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leisure activities - free time

combine shopping and sport with a nice excursion


Shopping at factory outlets



Brunello Cucinelli Cashmere

Piazza Dalla Chiesa, 6


tel. +39 075 529481

A Humanistic Enterprise in the World of Industry:

Just beside Agello, on top of a hill, there is Solomeo, a village from the years 1300 which was dilapidated and almost uninhabited. Bruno Cucinelli gave new life to the village, restauring it with big respect and making it become his business place. His production and an outlet center are in the very centre of Solomeo. Bying here directly you can get 40 % of discount! The outlet store is opened from

monday 'til friday, from 9.00 - 12.30  and  15.30 - 19.00,

saturday, from 9 - 12.30

tel. +39 075 5294855 or +39 075 5294829


Lamberto Losani cashmere

Villa Case Sparse n.48/g

06063 Magione (PG)

tel. +39 075 8477125

This brand, now in its third generation, is represented by cashmere knitwear on sale in the best stores around the world. Nowadays, Paola Losani follows the development of the product. The story began in 1939 when Giovanni Losani started a small business producing wool hosiery and knitwear garments. At that time he used angora, which came from local rabbit fur. After World War II, it was his son Lamberto who decided to change the company's direction: a factory was built, with emphasis on the constant investment in better technology. Emphasis was then placed on cashmere knitwear, resulting in a success that has not diminished.


a lot of important brands in a big outlet center:


Valdichiana Outletvillage

Valdichiana Outlet Village
Foiano della Chiana (Arezzo)
Tel. 0575/649926 Fax 0575/642549


(June - July - August) 
Monday: 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. 
Tuesday to Friday: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. 
Saturday and Sunday: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. 
Monday: f 12 a.m. to 11 p.m. 
Tuesday to Sunday:10 a.m. to 11 p.m.


Valdichiana Outlet Village was the first outlet village to be built in Tuscany. A shopping environment created to reflect the ambience of a real Tuscan village with squares, roads, open galleries, terraces and bridges. A centre with covered arcades that lead to the main square, Piazza Maggiore, where people meet to chat, have a coffee, greet their friends and go shopping.
The categories of products present satisfy even the most demanding customers; men's, women's and children's clothing, sports accessories, footwear, leather items, household items, perfumes, cosmetics, watches, rugs, household appliances, products for fixed-line and mobile phones, household linen, furnishing accessories, optical products, sunglasses and gift items.
The strong points:
90 shops
hundreds of national and international brands
1,000 m2 kids play area
refreshment area with 3 restaurants, 4 bars and 1 ice-cream parlour
reductions from 30% to 70% on the retail price

Go and get your bacio perugino directly at the fabric:
Perugina (Nestlé):

Stabilimento Nestlé Perugina
Viale San Sisto,
SS E45-uscita Madonna Alta

historical museum of the Perugina

you can visit the fabric and the museum

from monday until friday from:
9,00 - 13,00 / 14,00 - 17,30
in some periods it may be open also on saturday morning. You better call before going there..:

Informations and reservations at tel. 075.5276796 - Fax 075.5276631. more informations on

passion for the chocolate..

In octobre, at Perugia, all chocolate-lovers meet at


There are 16 towns from Umbria part of the "città del cioccolato" of the Chococlub:


bacio peruginobacio peruginobacio perugino




Do you love birding, sailing, surfing, fishing, trekking and cycling? If you appreciate silence and nature, but also the architecture, history and the Italian art you might combine some hours of sport with a visit of some medieval center, church or even museum on a daily excursion.

Visit the islands of Trasimeno Lake, enjoy the countryside by feet, on bike or horseback. At the lake you'll find the possibility for practicing water sports, such as windsurfing, kitesurfing and fishing.  
In Umbria you have a lot of possibilities for practicing sports such as:

Biking, bowling, canoeing, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, fishing, freeclimbing, golf, hang-gliding, hiking, horse-back riding, jogging, mountain hiking, mountaineering, open-air pool, paragliding, rock climbing, swimming, tennis, or relaxing at hot springs.


Centro Rafting Le Marmore
Via Carlo Neri, fraz. Papigno
05100 Terni
tel. +39 330 753420


Umbria Outdoor
Società Velino snc

V. del Parco, 27

05036 Narni

tel. +39 338 6703305


A.S. Raftingumbria
Serravalle di Norcia

tel. +39 0742-23146 or mob. +39 348-3511798


Lake Trasimeno is a pleasant spot for Perugians and visitors to cool off in its clean waters. The lake is very shallow and gets warm and turbid in summer. Water quality is being regularly monitored by the authorities.


You can charter a sailing boat at Passignano sailing club which also offers a sailing school. At most of the beaches around the lake you can rent surf boards, canoes and kayaks.

An hour and a half guided rafting ride, canoe courses and river excursions in kayak on the river Corno. Canyoning, speleology, climbing, survival, orienteering etc. Equipment supplied by organizers.

The Marmore Waterfalls is the ideal location for rafting. At the foot of the waterfalls, along the descent of the rapids, the River Nera flows quickly, bubbling along the rocks for over three kilometres and forming grade four rapids, (from 1 to 6 difficulty for rafting), surrounded by luxuriant vegetation.

A waterfall to live, an exciting experience, a world to be discovered accompanied by an expert guide in complete safety, open to everyone including children. Rafting: descent on the River Nera close to the waterfall on grade 4 rapids. It is also possible to do white water rafting or canyoning with rope descents, slipways and drops of varying difficulty, in contact with uncontaminated nature and discovering an unknown world.

Water, Air and Earth offer the amazing scenario of the Sibillini National Park as well as the naturalistic area of the Coscerno and Aspra Mountains, the perfect environment in which to practice outdoor sports: rafting, free climbing, paragliding (above the Planes of Castelluccio di Norcia), trekking, horse-riding, mountain-byking, rapid-riding, orienteering and survival. Each of these activities can be practiced at all levels of difficulty and expertise, under the control of qualified instructors.

see more

Rafting with A.S. Raftingumbria

tel. +39 0742-23146 or mob. +39 348-3511798


Experience a hands on course in sculpture with Glenn Ball, an american artist living at Agello: learn the basic techniques of direct stone carving (in alabaster or marble) working one on one with the artist in his studio.

tel. +39 075 6959202




holidays with children in Umbria


In this region children also have the possibility of spending a great holiday. Itineraries, walks, parks: all designed for children to enjoy, learn, play and be in contact with nature.

Nearby there are unmissable sites: “Città della Domenica” and “Il Parco del Sole”. The Città della Domenica park extends over 40 hectares (at Perugia) visitable by charming paths. Immersed in this fantastic world it is possible to observe hundreds of animals at liberty, including deer and mouffon, following the zoological itinerary with exotic animals belonging to the European continent and adapted to our climate and environment. At Città della Domenica it is also possible to enter a fantasy world in the company of Pinocchio, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Red Riding Hood, venture into Fort Apache, into the horse of Troy or in the Castle of Sleeping Beauty, dive into an ocean of multicoloured balls or visit the Space Station.


Via Col di Tenda, 140 - Perugia
Tel: 075 - 5054941
Fax: 075 - 5054942

opended every day from 15th of march until 14 th of september 2008, from the 14th of september until 2nd of november opened on saturday and sunday


The Parco del Sole is a magnificent natural park where animals live completely free, in a habitat recreated in every detail. The park which extends over 4 kilometres, is situated near Collazzone, in the Umbrian countryside, not far from Deruta and Todi. The Parco del Sole hosts numerous species of animals. There are mammals, such as cows, donkeys, deer, wild boar, zebra, camels, horses, oxen, buffalo and there are birds like heron, stork, ostrich, peacock, screech-owls, owls and eagles.


Around the Trasimeno lake you will find nicely kept beaches with playgrounds for children. The shallow waters of Lake Trasimeno are ideal for children.