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There are a lot of cultural activities and festivals going on in Umbria - especially in this period of the year!!...So, don't miss this opportunity and get to  know the people and their traditions whiles tasting their gastronomical specialities and enjoying your free time with them!..



ad Agello:


Don't miss the yearly exposition of international graphics!! In the last editions have been exposed incision works of the following artists:  Ardengo SofficiGraham Sutherland and Tiepolo. 

The actual exposition (n° 8) is called

"tras-formazione alchimia del segno"

The organizer is Eugenio Gianni.



And of course, don't miss the summer festival at Agello from the 8th until the 17th of august 2008!!


The most important events at Agello:

2nd sunday in may:

blood donor day of the AVIS

22nd of may:

Festa di S. Rita a Vignaia


Torneo di calcio dei rioni

1st 'til 15th of august:

yearly international Graphic Exposition

8 - 17 agosto:

Agello è.. art, gastronomy, performances

3rd sunday in august:

Festa della Madonna del Giglio

1st sunday in september:

Festa di Vallupina

2nd sunday in october:

Festa Madonna del Rosario

1st sunday in november:

Festa Associazione Combattenti

3rd sunday in november:

Festa di S. Cecilia

2nd sunday in december:

candle party

in the christmas period:



in Umbria:


"Flying kites at the Trasimeno Lake", big manifestation from the 30th of april 'til 3rd of may 2009

More than 10,000 kite flyers take part in this exhibition and about 50,000 kite enthusiasts meet up during the four days when kites are flown.
This event, organized each year, draws hundreds of kite flyers, kite enthusiasts and spectators from all over the world.

more informations in english:


  23.7 - 2.8.2009:

Umbria Jazz Festival is, without any doubt, one of the most important events dedicated to jazz in Europe. Umbria Jazz Festival is taking place during the month of July for ten days during in the historic center of Perugia. The music of the concerts is covering the entire music kinds to meet the tastes of a public always more heterogeneous. Every year Perugia is becoming a meeting point for thousands of music lovers, coming from all over Italy, Europe and the United States.

Eurochocolate: Chocolate festival at Perugia: every year in october, thousands of chocolate fans come to Perugia, the European Capital for the chocolate amateurs. The Festival is located in the main streets of the old city with a large area with exhibitions, workshops and stages, debates and stands. The most important Italian and foreign chocolate companies expose their products at the numerous stands. If you can: avoid the crowded weekends and come to visit Eurochocalte in the middle of the week.

Corsa dei Ceri in Gubbio     
    The Ceri Race Festival 2007 and the competition of the Crossbow of Gubbio are traditions of great importance in the panorama of the regional events under the folkloric point of view as well as the strictly historic one.Both events have been organized without any interruption since the last years of the XIIth century; every year, on 15th May, the streets of Gubbio are full of colors, with thousands of Gubbio citizens leading the three Candles .
The entire city of Gubbio lives in a suggestive medieval atmosphere with the dressed exhibitions, the demonstrations of the "sbandieratori" and the caves opened to hosts.

Calendimaggio in Assisi     
    It is a spectacular evocation of medieval and Renaissance costumes and life. The two ancient medieval wards, the "Parte di Sopra" and the "Parte di Sotto", engage in a spectacular challenge which takes the form of theatre shows, concerts, songs and choruses, dances, processions, archery, crossbow and flag-waving displays. The districts compete in a singing contest among the spectacular floral decorations, flags, torches and candles.

Infiorata di Spello - floral decorations   
    The "floral decorations" are floral compositions representing liturgical figurations and ornamental motifs. The preparations require weeks of work but the compositions are completed with fresh flowers during the course of a single night. By using only strongly scented flowers and grasses, figures and ornamental motifs of brilliant colours and subtle shades are obtained. The floral decorations are the chef-d'oeuvre of Spello's artistic creativity and, with their colours and fragrances, create a highly evocative sight in the streets of the city.

Festival of the two Worlds in Spoleto     
    The Spoleto Festival 2005, known as Festival of the two Worlds, is organized every year between the end of June and mid-July in the heart of Umbria . After that in 1958 Gian Carlo Menotti inaugurates the first edition, the Spoleto Festival becomes, year after year, a center of big interest for the performances of dance, prose and lyrics. The fact that the Maestro Menotti chooses personally the artists among the most talented professionals of the sector but also among the most promising young talents, has made of the Festival of the two Worlds an inexhaustible font of great professionals of the world of spectacle.