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Museo della Pesca a San Feliciano

With a small lecture theatre for audio-visual presentations, the San Feliciano Fishing Museum contains boats, nets, period photographs and bygones which recall the world of fishing, the economy and the society connected with it. Of special interest are the descriptions of the many ancient fishing methods, along with the old dialect words associated with them.

tel. 075.8479.261


Glass museum at Piegaro

During the 13th century, some skilled glaziers made of the hamlet of Piegaro a renowned centre for the production of glass. The modern factories and the Glass Museum situated in the historical glass factory stem from this tradition.

Museo della Civiltà dell'Ulivo a Trevi

L.go Don Bosco, 6

06039 Trevi (PG)

tel. +39 0742 381628


National Gallery of Umbria:
This has the most complete collection in Umbria of art works produced between the thirteenth and eighteenth centuries . It includes sculptures by Arnolfo di Cambio , paintings by Duccio di Buoninsegna , Gentile da Fabriano , Beato Angelico , Perugino . Pinturicchio is represented by many works , including the Santa Maria dei Fossi Altarpiece , and Piero della Francesca by the Sant'Antonio Polypytch








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